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Grown commercially, often replacing Bing on account of its firmness and superior flavor. Also called York 57/201, this late season Sweet Cherry ripens 10 days after Bing. The fruit is very large, firm, clingstone, sweet & excellently flavored with very dark red skin and dark red flesh. Tree is vigorous, is productive, is upright, cold hardy and mid-late blooming. It is resistant to cracking, canker & powdery mildew. It is a cross between Schneiders Spate Knorpelkirsche and Rube. It was developed at Jork Fruit Experiment Station, Hanover, Germany, 1950s, released in the 1990s. USDA Hardiness Zones: 5-8.

Sweet Cherry is moderately vigorous, blooms late winter to early spring with white, pink and red flowers.

Cherries have a delicious and unique sweet and sour flavor. They often ripen earlier in the season than large fruit.

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Variety: Regina
Common Name: Sweet Cherry
Latin Name: Prunus avium
Family: Rosaceae
Alias: York 57/201
Tree: upright, cold hardy, mid-late blooming
Genetics: Schneiders Spate Knorpelkirsche x Rube
Origin: at Jork Fruit Experiment Station, Hanover, Germany, 1950s, released in the 1990s
Lifecycle: Perennial
Leaf Drop: Deciduous
Forest Layer: Understory Tree
Food Type: Fruit Tree
Height: 15-25ft
Width: 15-25ft
Vigor: yes
Hardiness: 5-8
Sun: Full
Water Needs: Average
Fruit: very large, firm, clingstone, sweet, excellently flavored
very dark red skin
dark red flesh
Season (Ripening): late (10 days after Bing)
Production: yes
Disease Resistance: cracking, canker, powdery mildew
Sources: openagrar.de

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