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A standard in western Europe. Exhibited at the National British Pear Conference in 1885, for which it was later name. Quince Compatible. Excellent keeper, high quality dessert pear, firm and sweet. One of the easiest to store and ripen of the winter pears. Pick early to mid October. This is the most popular pear variety in France and England. Cropping early, regular, heavy. Also called PR1, this mid, Oct to Nov season, heirloom Pear is also good for dessert. The fruit is medium-large, tender, melting, very juicy & sweet. Tree is yes, is regular-heavily productive and has Leon Leclerc de Laval genetics. Good keeper. It’s from Sawbridgeworth, England.

Pear is drought tolerant. USDA Hardiness Zones: 4-9.

Pears do great in the Pacific Northwest.

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Variety: Conference
Common Name: Pear
Latin Name: Pyrus communis sativa
Family: Rosaceae
Alias: PR1
Characteristics: heirloom, dessert
Pollination: yes
Storage: good
Other Common Names: Common Pear, European Pear
Genetics: Leon Leclerc de Laval
Origin: from Sawbridgeworth, England
Lifecycle: Perennial
Leaf Drop: Deciduous
Forest Layer: Understory Tree
Food Type: Fruit Tree
Height: 15ft
Sun: Full, Partial
Habitats: Hedges, woodland margins
Soil Type: Sand, Loam, Clay, Heavy Clay
Pollinated By: Bees
Fruit: medium-large, tender, melting, very juicy, sweet
Season (Ripening): mid, Oct to Nov
Production: regular-heavy
Food Uses: Fruit – raw or cooked. The flavor. ranges from rather harsh and astringent (cultivars used for making alcoholic drinks) through to soft, sweet and very juicy. The best dessert fruits have an exquisite sweet flavor., usually with a very soft flesh, whilst cooking varieties have harder less sweet flesh.
Other Uses: A yellow-tan dye is obtained from the leaves. Wood – heavy, tough, durable, fine grained, hard. Used by cabinet and instrument makers. When covered with black varnish it is an excellent ebony substitute.
Sources: pfaf.org

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